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Anatoly Sergeevich Matvienko
Ex-Chairman of Council of Ministers Autonomous Republic Crimea 
the Head of National Federation of sports tourism of Ukraine.
Was born in:  in small town Berdshad of Vinnitsa area

Higher education: - The Lvov agricultural institute, faculty of mechanization of agriculture. A speciality of engineer-mechanics (1975)
- the post-graduate student of the Supreme party school   (since 1988)
- the engineer of road management (1975–1977);
- the first secretary of a district committee of Komsomol
(since 1977)
- the second secretary of regional committee Komsomol Vinnitsa area
(since 1980)
- the secretary of a Central Committee of Komsomol of Ukraine - the first secretary of a Central Committee of Komsomol of Ukraine
- the People's Deputy of Ukraine. In the Supreme Rada of 12-th convocation heads the Commission for Youth Affairs 
(since 1990)
- the vice-president of People's democratic association "New Ukraine" /"Nova Ukraina"/. In February, 1996 the People's democratic party is created, Matvienko is chosen its Head
- the chapter of Vinnitsa region state administration
- The member of parliament of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine 14 convocations. Heads fraction PDP (People's Democratic Party). On May, 15 1999 at IV congress PDP of A. Matvienko has voluntary combined powers of the Head of a party and has left from its structure, not having agreed with accepted owing to pressure on the part of executive authority to decisions of congress to support working President Leonid Danilovicha Kuchma at presidential elections in October 1999
- Head Head of Ukrainian National Party "SOBOR" (engl:"CATHEDRAL") (with 1999 on 2001).
- Since February 2001 - the Member Are glad the Forum of National Rescue, in July of the same year it is elected by the vice-president of the selective block of democratic opposition "Julia Timoshenko's Block".
On March 31, 2002 IV the People's Deputy of Ukraine elects convocation under the list Julia Timoshenko's Block. A. Matvienko - the head of Committee of the Supreme Rada on questions of the state construction and local self-management.
On April 21 2002 was creat the incorporated Ukrainian Republican Party "SOBOR" (engl:"CATHEDRAL"). The head of a party elects the People's Deputy of Ukraine A.Matvienko.
- Chairman of Council of Ministers Autonomous Republic Crimea (april 2005 - September 2005)

Public work, post: - the founder Fund of support of development of arts (since 1994)
- the president of Institute of an open policy (not state research political organization) (since 1999)
- the founder of Institute of an open policy (not state research political organization) - the founder of Welfare fund "Ukraina Inkognita" (engl:"Ukraine Incognito"). The purpose of Fund - revival, popularization and support forgotten and conceal, however meaning in a world context and important for the present and the future of the phenomena of culture.

Hobby: Poetry, football, tourist travel
Data on family: Wife Olga. Sons Victor (1976 y/birth) and Paul (1981 y/birth)
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